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Valvrave the Liberator After Party


『Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~』 Episode 2


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『Wake Up, Girls!』 Episode 2

Impressions of everyone

He done well
I like this episode
I mean,the "fan service" scene make me feels uncomfortable,just like these girls,i think that's what yamakan trying,and he made it.
He's done a good job. Im still only at 5:09 because I am feeling things vicariously. This is gonna be a tough episode to work through. But then again, it's not like saving anime was going to be an easy thing in the first place.
This may be the only show with a swimsuit episode, but no "fanservice"  

Did she just sing the theme song from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san?
Holy crap she did XD.
After watching the optimistic Idolmaster & Love Live, I like how comparatively cynical and jaded this show is.
I'm kinda confused about this show, and after this episode, I think I understand why.
It's like they're half-trying to do a light deconstruction of the whole "idol" genre, but there's still too much anime fantasy stuff for me to really engaged with that side of it. To exaggerate, it's like if someone interrupted your Outbreak Company marathon every 10 minutes with an exerpt from Welcome to the NHK to remind you how depressing and scary the life of a real hikkikomori is...
...but whatever! I'm still interested, and there ain't shit else to watch on Friday, so I'm sticking with Wake Up, Girls!
Hmm, I actually really like this show. The first part with "the job" made me really uncomfortable, but I know that's the intended effect, so it's fine. The rest of the episode, which focused on the background and development of Miyu, was also very good. If the show keeps this precarious balance between "the idol dream" and reality, I think it could turn into something amazing.
That said, this is Yamakan we're talking about, and his reputation is not the best, so I can't be completely optimistic about it.
The manager is a great character. She is clearly a terrible person, but she gets shit done in contrast to the overly weak producer who at this point still isn't cut out to handle a group of idols, and what's better is that even the girls know it. They did a good job on her character. I expect she will continue to be a source of "drama" in this show, but I think I can trust them to do a good job on it.
I also liked how evenhanded the show is. It painted the maid cafe as a preferable place to the idol industry, which was surprising to me, at least. It isn't going to completely condemn these types of industries, but it's not going to say things are peachy in them either. I'm sure some people expecting all the bad parts of the industry will be disappointed with this, as will people expecting just good parts, but I think it's BETTER that way. This is a realistic look into things. There are good parts and bad parts, and this show tries to look at them both. Maybe that'll change in the future into all bad or all good, but for now it's something, as far as I know, unique among idol shows and then becomes something that I think people who aren't normally into idol shows would find enjoyable.
i dunno why but i LOVE this show!!!
Some cringe worthy scenes. Especially when the guys are hollering at the girls. This episode just made me feel awkward.  

That was an unpleasant watch. I've been watching anime for a long-ass time but nothing comes to mind that made me cringe this much. I actually had to keep pausing through the first half just to swallow and digest what I was seeing.
As a human being, I am thouroughly disgusted, but as an anime fan, I'm intrigued by where this show might go. I won't even compare it to Idolmaster because this is nowhere near the same league and it's clear that the director has an interesting vision for this show which probably won't get fully realized in his attempt to play it safe. Still, I'm hoping it'll drop the comedy elements a bit more and go in a direction similar to something like BECK or even Perfect Blue.
Decent episode. The skin tone of minami seemed very off during this scene.
I¿m enjoying the series, not cute, and not that bad, but very real. I enjoy that they show you how hard it is to get your dreams and how bad some things can be under the sugar cover. It notes both sides, wanting to do something, and suffering for it.
I'm now at 8:53 and the only thing that comes to mind is: MATSUDAAAAAAA!!!!!!
I'm rooting for you man, I really am but you're making it really hard right now.
edit: EDIT: 25 minutes later after this initial comment here I am only 2 minutes more into the show. So much suffering...
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    .|    ●                 |    Was funny
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