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『Difuragu!』 Episode 2


Impressions of everyone

Takao best gurl.

hell no, teacher or water Pokemon best girl

Water becomes even greater as the series goes on  

Especially when mixed with Ice :)

Not going to lie, I feel bad for the main protagonist sometimes. It'd be nice if they were a bit kinder to poor Foot Fetish.
On a side note: I really really hate Funimation's website sometimes. I get that there's a reason they don't allow you to buffer more than 30 seconds, but for people with unstable internet connections like mine, they really need to allow more like a minute or a minute and a half of buffering. Also, the player often doesn't even buffer for the 30 seconds, stopping instead at like 5-10 seconds. Despite having a subscription, I had to go elsewhere to watch the episode.
Oh cool, it's up. I was afraid to make a discussion so I sat and made some gifs.
Aaaand imgur has duplicated half of them...
I was scared too but I figured "what the heck". The worst would be deleting the thread for whatever reason
So can we all agree this is replacing Noucome until a second season?
Damn I miss Noucome :[
I am really enjoying the over the top slapstick humor that this anime has. It had me in stitches from beginning to end and I for one find the poor Foot Fetish's battles against crazy women to be one that I will enjoy right up to the final episode...
Also I love how club president has the power to go all chibi anytime she wants.
Good show, it's pretty ridiculous but it's fun to watch.
I think Foot Fetish is a pretty good main character. After all, he seems to be the only sane person on a high school of insane people. I wonder how he is able to take all this.
yay best girl takao have arrived

         ,-、               ,.-、
        ./:::::\            /::::::ヽ
       /::::::::::::;ゝ--─--- 、._/::::::::::::::|
       /,.-‐''"´          \:::::::::::|
     /                 ヽ、::::|
    /                    ヽ|
     l                          l
    .|    ●                 |    I seem to laugh to the end
     l  , , ,           ●      l
    ` 、      (_人__丿    、、、   / 
      `ー 、__               /
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